Primary Level Zone


Primary Level Includes Grade VI to VIII.


Subjects Included:


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Hindi (as a second language) 
  • Sanskrit (as a third language)
  • Computer Science (as an additional subject)
  • Art
  • P.E.
  • G.K.
  • Life Skills

Evaluation is continuous and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of students more frequently. This is done to ensure a better opportunity is provided to understand and improve upon themselves. It also provides feedback to the teachers for modifying their teaching strategies. The CBSE Board has introduced the scheme of continuous and comprehensive evaluation at middle-school level for classes VI to VIII to enhance the quality of learning by keeping in mind the following initiatives: - Facilitating joyful and stress free-learning - Enabling holistic learning - Improving the quality of interaction between the teacher and learner. The Nine points grading system and their equivalent performance scale is introduced by the Board to maintain a meaningful and continual pattern of assessment from the primary level through to the secondary level.


Scholastic Areas (Grading on 9 point scale)

GradeMarks RangeGrade Point
A1 91 -10010.0
A2 81 -909.0
B1 71 - 808.0
B2 61 – 707.0
C1 51 – 606.0
C2 41 – 505.0
D 33 – 404.0
E1 21 – 323.0
E2 0-202.0

Co-Scholastic Areas (Grading on 5 point scale)

GradeGrade Points
A4.1- 5.0
B3.1- 4.0
C2.1- 3.0
D1.1 – 2.0
E0 – 1.0

Student must obtain the qualifying grade (minimum grade D) in all the subjects under Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Domain.