Secondary Level Zone


Secondary Level Includes Grade IX & X.


Subjects Included :


  • English (Communicative)
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Hindi (Course B)(as a second language)
  • Computer Science(as an additional subject)
  • Work Experience
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Art

Evaluation is continuous and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of students more frequently. This is done to ensure a better opportunity is provided to understand and improve upon themselves. It also provides feedback to the teachers for modifying their teaching strategies. CBSE has introduced a Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system spread over a period of two years to provide a holistic profile of the learner through regular assessment of both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects.

These classes each have two terms. Under the CCE, the academic two terms extend from:

Term I: April to September

Term II : October to March.

Each term will comprise of 2 sets of Formative Assessments (FA 1+ FA2) & (FA3+FA4) - comprising Unit tests- written/oral/project work) and Summative Assessments (SA 1 & SA 2).



Scholastic Areas: Subjects mentioned in Scheme of Studies


Part 2:

Co-Scholastic Areas:

(A) Life Skills

(B) Work Education

(C) Visual and Performing Arts

(D) Attitudes and Values


Part 3:

Co-Scholastic Areas:

(A) Suggestive activities:

1. Literary & Creative Skills: Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Recitation, Poster-Making

2. Scientific Skill: Quiz, Projects, Exhibition

(B) Health and Physical Education:

1. Sports/Indigenous sports

2. Scouting and Guiding


Scholastic Areas (Grading on 9 point scale)

GradeMarks RangeGrade Point
A1 91 -10010.0
A2 81 -909.0
B1 71 - 808.0
B2 61 – 707.0
C1 51 – 606.0
C2 41 – 505.0
D 33 – 404.0
E1 21 – 323.0
E2 0-202.0

Co-Scholastic Areas (Grading on 5 point scale)

GradeGrade Points
A4.1- 5.0
B3.1- 4.0
C2.1- 3.0
D1.1 – 2.0
E0 – 1.0

Student must obtain the qualifying grade (minimum grade D) in all the subjects under Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Domain.