Puppet Show

     American School of Baroda
Report on PUPPET SHOW (14th June)

Generally, it is always said that fun, frolic, play, eat, sleep, roam, enjoy, etc. is possible when you are a kid. As you grow up, you are loaded with various responsibilities, slowly and gradually. After that these words just seem to be the words of dream.
So it is better to enjoy the childhood as much as possible and make life joyful. To make the day joyful and enjoyable for the students, American School of Baroda organized a ‘Puppet Show’ on 14th June ’16 for the students of Pre-primary to Grade-V. The students enjoyed the show, which included play, drama and dance using various colorful puppet dolls. This was not just enjoyed by the students, but their parents also had a chance to enjoy this show and be a part of it. The person who made this show possible was a contestant of the famous reality show ‘India’s Got Talent’.

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