‘Jilla Ramat Gamat Volleyball Competition 2014-2015’ was organized in the Fertilizer School Play Ground by ‘JILLA RAMAT GAMAT’ on 30th August 2014.

The Principal of the Fertilizer school inaugurated the event where Six taluka’s participated in the competition at district level for both girls and boys. From our school 6 players had participated in the event and their name are as follows:

Sahil Bhagat, Yash Patel, Param Patel, Pritesh Saharan, Tapan Patel, Ashish Pandey.

Though the student did not have enough time to practice before the event due to heavy rain but they were ready to play with full energy. At the Fertilizer school after warm up and a short practice the match started at 9:30a.m.  In qualifying round our school won in oppose of the Wadhodia team one more time.

After the quarter final and semi-final match we were in the finals. They were very confident but the team which was in the final was very good. Their players were much trained and they had practiced well. That team was Mota Fofadia. Their quarterfinal and semifinal matches their performance was awesome. As their team was last year state champion the perfection was seen in their matches. Tension was there in the mind of our players that what to do, but our coach Karan motivated the players that play with confident and do their best.

And finally the final match started, as they were experienced player the perfection was seen in their game. Our player’s Yash, Param, and one player from Fertilizer which was selected and playing with us were continuously attacking but their defense was hard and tight. As a result in 1st round we lost with the score 25/17 in second round we tried harder but we were not cope up to defend and as a result we again lost by 25/13. As being runner up we got the advantage and our six players were selected in under 19 state level Volleyball competition.