November 13, 2014 the ASOB, Vadodara-19: It was a really memorable moment for American School of Baroda as enthusiastic participants of grade XI and XII participated in  Debate on the topic of ‘E-ticketing a way to corruption-free governance’ organized in the school building in the presence of the teachers- judges named Mrs. Ira Shah and Mrs. Sasmita Mishra; coordinated by Vijay Bhatt and showed their articulation in speeches and advocacy in convincing points to the audience in a logical way successfully.


The competition began in a free and fair environment with the announcement and some general instructions of criteria for awarding marks, the declaration of the names of judges etc.


Participants were encouraged with a loud roar of applause by the audience. The faces of the students were seemed quite exciting at the listening to the exciting arguments exchanged by the participants who seemed so enthusiastic.


The debate was divided into two sessions. In the session A, each candidate was given 2.5 to 4.5 minutes to present his or her points for which he or she was awarded 10 points on the base of the criteria. Both the groups in favour and in against scored equally. The session B was on the base of attack and defends types of arguments. In which the group favouring to the topic scored 20 as the candidates of the group’s points were quite convincing logically. The group which spoke against the topic also tried its best to attack with some intelligent arguments but could not prove its claim and scored 15 points.

Aaradhana and Nilesh were proved intelligent in defending their points really. Of course, Jay and Tanya had also some intelligent arguments to attack. The students of group A gave an overwhelming performance and emerged at the fist position.

Really, the Debate proved to be an inspiring success in developing advocacy and articulating language in English medium and the school feels a proud for celebrating this event.